tb compass

Control and discretion are the finest traits of the tbCompass delivery system.

tb-compass belmont dental chair
Ample Access

Ample access for an Assistant

Working closely over the patient
from the 2-5 o’clock position


Operator console key features ~

  • 4 programmable Operator settings
  • Digital display
  • First-priority handpiece selection
  • Digital timer
  • Preset micro-motor
  • Torque control with Auto-Reverse
  • 2 fibre-optic Turbine hoses

Operator’s console
rotates smoothly on a base-mounted arm designed for precise and balanced positioning

Spittoon bowl

Rotating, detachable
porcelain spittoon bowl
(colour options available)

Assistant's console

Extendable, rotating assistant’s console with chair, spittoon and light controls

Central pivot design

Central pivot design enables unobstructed access at any working position

Headrest and backrest

Twin-articulating headrest and ultra-slim backrest significantly improve operator’s working comfort

An intelligent delivery solution which seeks to conceal the instruments from Patientview without comprising working comfort.

Designed for uninterrupted dentistry in the most demanding surgery environments, tbCompass is pointing to the future.

Ambidextrous delivery options

for better daily dentistry

Unrivalled console mobility
and tbCompass’s determined versatility bring all the benefits of convenience, flexibility, efficiency and Patient comfort.

Belmont’s base-mounted delivery system design is an understated advancement in dentistry and Patient care.

Ambidextrous capability across the range doubles the qualification of tbCompass in any configuration to perform excellent service for any
Operator and procedure.

Key Features

tbCompass Surgery SystemtbCompass Surgery System
tbCompass ‘Surgery System’ (Ambidextrous)
tbCompass Flexible Dr SystemtbCompass Flexible Dr System
tbCompass ‘Flexible Dr System’ (Ambidextrous)
chair and Operator’s console
tbCompass Flexible Cuspidor SystemtbCompass Flexible Cuspidor System
tbCompass ‘Flexible Cuspidor System’ (Ambidextrous)
chair and Operator’s console

Tailored upholstery options



Complete package (unit, patient chair, assistants holder & LED overhead light)

tb compass unit only

Package Inclusions

tbCOMPASS chair

Package Inclusions

tbCOMPASS chair



unit, chair and assistants’ holder