clesta eIII swing

Basic, Light, and Flexible


  • Easy changeover to right/left handed use
  • Easy-access handpiece holders
  • Compact space
  • Smooth tilting movement by hydraulic system
  • Ergonomically shaped cushions


  • Base-mount doctor table can be moved lightly
    and smoothly
  • Reducing fatigue for arms of dentists and assistants and leads to prolonged working lifetime
  • Fitting position with precise movement by light headrest


  • Making comfortable operating space
  • Providing a variety of operating styles and preparation zones as you like

Basic, Light, and Flexible

The doctor’s table is simple and practical to use. It can be moved lightly and easily.

Just “SWING it” to Right/Left Handed Use

This model provides two- and four-handed working positions and various operation and preparation zones.

Ambidextrous changeover is easy and takes only a few minutes.

Dentists and assistants can position the doctor table and assistant holder as they like.

fit your position

Fit your position

The doctor’s table can be adjusted with three-level height and each dentist can position it appropriately.

Smooth and Relax

The hydraulic mechanism ensures smooth and quiet movement of the joints and provides a comfortable

feeling for patients. The new twin-axis headrest system, capable of making a wide range of adjustments, can be fine-tuned in increments of 7.5 degrees, accommodating patients from children to adults.

The chair has a low initial height with 200kg load capacity.

clest eIII swing folding arm rests

Rotating armrests

The armrests are designed with a length and shape that makes them easy for patients to hold, and the side-rotating mechanism helps elderly patients mount and dismount the chair with ease.

Dental Light


The EURUS LIGHT provides sensor activation, stepless intensity between 3,000 Ix and 28,000 Ix, reproduces natural light with a high functional colour rendering capacity.

Detachable light components

Detachable light components

Lens cover and autoclavable light handle can be removed with a single lever action for easy cleaning.



Twin-axis headrest

Armrest at both sides rotated

8-way foot switch /Manual/Auto)

Dentist Element

Air turbine/air motor for Midwest 4-holes turbine hose

Air turbine/air motor for Midwest 4-holes turbine hose with fiber optic

Electric micromotor

Electric scaler

3-way syringe

Membrane switch {Chair Auto/Manual, Cupfiller)

Small size operator's table with silicon mat

Foot controller

Foot controller with chair foot switch

Clean water system

Assistant Element

High-volume evacuator & saliva ejector handpiece

3-way syringe

Cuspidor Element

Air timed cupfiller & bowl flush

Water heater

Monitor bracket

Water service outlet

Air service outlet


Eurus Light

clesta eIII swing (Top View)
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clesta eIII swing (Side View)
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