About Belmont

Rise into beauty. Walk into life 100 years of Takara Belmont

TAKARA BELMONT have been contributing ourselves for people’s wish to be healthy and beautiful through a century of our history. 

Belmont Values

The principle of our craftsmanship is to realize 3 Cs for dentists 


To treat patients with reliable technique and state-of-the-art technology 

  • Belmont’s original electro-hydraulic technology achieves dental equipments with long-term & high durability.
  • Ergonomically designed dental equipments make dentist’s long working hours easy with minimal strain.
  • Our dental equipments provide solutions against infection to stay clean and safe during treatment. 
belmont values dentistry chairs


To support preventative care and aesthetic dentistry 

  • It came to be widely known that the quality of life to be able to raise by keeping mouth healthy.
  • For that purpose, a care and a maintenance are also important not a cure of a cavity.
  • Our goal is to lessen the pressures felt during treatment, so that our dental equipment eliminates the noise, vibration and shock that lie at the root of feelings of insecurity among patients. 


To enhance patient’s consciousness and mutual understanding 

  • Patients can discuss needs and a thought with a dentist further in the relaxed space.
  • With the aim of alleviating anxiety for patients visiting clinics and enhancing their relationships of trust with dentists, we have pursued dialog and comfort from the “patient’s perspective” by reconfiguring the unit with the intent of “disguising” dental treatment.
  • This “disguise” covertly stimulates the patient’s senses in a good way. 

Made by Hand and Mind, in Japan

Almost one hundred years on, we manufacture every piece of every chair, unit, light and x-ray unit we deliver to market. 

The provenance of our product is thus unquestionable, and the high quality of our products are maintained by the familiarity of eye, hand and mind that comes with our loyal workers. 

Made by Hand and Mind in Japan

Since 1921 in Osaka, Japan, Takara Belmont has been casting metals for chairs. 

In the future, we will continue our ongoing efforts to actively introduce advanced manufacturing facilities and efficient production systems in response to the changes in times, produce high-quality, innovative products and enhance the reliability and safety of our products. 

The Belmont Process

Upholstery Processing Technique

Upholstery Processing Technique

In responding to the customer’s demand, highly trained upholstery workers handcraft the chair by using staple gun and pressing machine. 

Production Inspection

Production Inspection

To provide high quality products to all customers, we provide inspection of electricity and functions to the products before shipping. 

Machining Technology

Machining Technology

We process a broad range of components from cylinders, ram shafts, to many precise components by ourselves. Core components are inspected for dimensional accuracy at micro-meter level.